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The following account of the 12th of July Orange Parade in Castlebellingham, County Louth, in 1843,  appeared in the Drogheda Argus.



   Castlebellingham. -- A correspondent informs us that
a gathering and procession of Orangemen took place in
Castlebellingham on Wednesday evening, the 12th July,
between 9 and 10 o’clock. They were of the lowest class
– led on by a cobler named B[--]gem, and a cast off fellow
named Goodlaw, who was, we are informed, turned out
of Sir Allen Bellingham’s employment some time ago for
misconduct of a similar nature. These fellows, and their
degraded followers, endeavoured to get up a row by
shouting “To h -l with the Pope”--“Down with Po-
pery”--“Down with O’Connell”--“No Repeal,” &c.—
To disappoint the ruffians the peaceable and well disposed
inhabitants of the village retired at once to their respective

   Another correspondent informs us that a man named
Morgan was severely beaten by the Orangemen.’


                     Source: Drogheda Argus and Leinster Journal, dated 15 July 1845,

      The above article also appeared in The Boston Pilot dated 5 August 1843 (Boston College, Massachusetts, United States of America) under ‘IRELAND THE TWELFTH OF JULY’.

      Other incidents occurred elsewhere including as far south as Bandon in County Cork: ‘Bandon— On the Ist an Orange flag was hoisted on the Church Steeple of Bandon and suffered to remain there till the 12th.’ (ibid).

       On the surnames mentioned for Castlebellingham:-

- 'B[?]ngem' - the nearest surname in the area would be 'Bingham'. There was a George Bingham, at that time a coachman, that died in Milestown Townland which is south of Castlebellingham, in 1885 age 84 years. His family was likely born in the area around the 1830s.

- 'Goodlaw' was a variant spelling of 'Goodlow'. There was a Jacob Goodlow of Seabank that died in 1852 age 82 years, Another Jacob Goodlow, a coachman, died 23 November 1872, age 57 years, in Castlebellingham. He was a bachelor.
        A Thomas Goodlow, a labourer/servant, is mentioned among family. The latter's son Stephen married Matilda Kelly. He seems to have succeeded Jacob and was a shopkeeper/publican. He died 6 April 1900 in Castlebellingham. His son, also called Stephen, carried on the business until his death on 1 January 1954. The premises on the north-east of the Village called "Goodlows", "The Archway", Castlebellingham, was sold and purchased by a Thomas Conlon.
        A George Jacob Goodlow died 9 March 1952 age 75 years, in Dromena, Castlebellingham. He was married and a retired naval pensioner.
         It would appear that, in the early nineteenth century, the family had a public house and possibly a coach house at Seabank, It was likely situated, on the left, near the end of the Sea Road before it joined the old coast road. This former road from Castlebellingham was the post route to Dundalk but with the building of a new road directly north from Castlebellingham Village, known locally, as 'The New Line'  the Goodlow family business moved into the Village. At one time premises occupied by Goodlows was known as "The Star".
        Thomas Goodlow's daughter, Elizabeth, married a Thomas Phillips, a labourer, (son of a policeman) in 1858 and they lived, near the Goodlows at Seabank, where the Sea Road joined the old coast road. They appeared to have later left the area.

- Morgan was possibly an ancestor of James Morgan that lived at the south-east end of the village.


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