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Joe  Biden  (former USA  Vice  President)
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Finnegan Families, Templetown Townland.

In the Tithe Applotment Books, 1833, for Templetown Townland (see copy below) were:-

County Louth, Civil Parish of Carlingford, pages 22 and 28.
   1833 TAB for Templetown Townland
   1833-TAB for Templetown Townland (part)

   1833-TAB for Templetown Townland (part), County Louth

Simon Finnegan.
Simon and Co [possibly other family members] was in occupation of 9 Irish acres and 1 rood. See later.

Laurence Finnegan.
Laurence and Co occupied 6 Irish acres and 2 roods.
          This may be the Laurence Finnegan who married, 26 September 1829, an Ann McDonnell (aka Mary Anne?) and their children
may have included:-

Seragh?, born 1830, but no specific address was listed;
, born 1834 in Templetown, with mother 'Mary McDonald' and
, born 1835 in Templetown, with mother 'Anne McDonald'

          Their marriage was listed in the Marriage column of the Belfast Newsletter.

    1829 Belfast Newsletter, Laurence Finegan
(Source: The Belfast Newsletter dated 20 October 1829, British Newspaper Archives.)

He was not the Laurence Finnegan of Templetown that died in 1865. That Laurence Finnegan died 16 May 1865 in Templetown, a bachelor age about 59 years old and a farmer. A Daniel Finegan, possibly residing in same house as Laurence but relationship not stated, was the informant of the latter's death.
          While no Laurence Finnegan was listed in Griffith's Valuation as the main occupier of a premises there was a Sarah Finnegan occupying a house where Simon Finnegan wa
s the immediate lessor.

Bryan Finnegan, deceased.
The Representatives of Bryan Finnegan occupied two parcels of land amounting to 13 Irish acres, 2 roods and 24 perches.

          Following is a copy Griffith's Valuation, published in 1854, for Templetown Townland where Finnegans were listed as main occupiers.

    Griffith's Valuation - Templetown Townland, County Louth

   Griffith's Valuation - Templetown Townland (part)
(source: but is widely available)

Again from various records, so far searched, this would appear to be the position with the named occupiers above:-

Hugh Finnegan.
At Plot 12ABa a Hugh Finnegan occupied a house, offices and jointly with Simon Finnegan 12 statute acres, 2 roods and 30 perches of land.  The land was in good condition and in tillage.
          This Hugh Finnegan could be the person that was married to Anne Murphy from Templetown on 21 Dec 1813. Hugh and Anne were residing in Templetown when the children were born. Their family included: Thomas (1815); Mary (1819); Patt (1823); James (1825); John? (1827); Anne (1829); James (1831) and Catherine (1834).

Simon Finnegan.
Simon Finnegan resided in a house at Plot 12ABb. He also was the occupier of a number of neighbouring parcels of land including at the Kilwirra (Cill Mhuire) old cemetery; some of the strand (which gave rights to the sea weed but seemingly only with the consent of the landlord's agent) and some vacant houses in the townland. Again the land was described as been of good quality and in tillage. There was also a house occupied by a Sarah Finnegan, free, and held at will from Simon.

          As Simon Finnegan was probably the person who was listed in 1833 in the Tithe Applotment Books he was likely the person that was married to Mary Mills and had family including Biddy (1816); Mary (1820); Thomas (1822) and Daniel (1829). This Simon may have died in 1859.

Catherine Finnegan
At Plot 13c a Catherine Finnegan occupied a house where the immediate lessor was a Patrick Kearney. 

Thomas Fin
At Plot 30AB a Thomas Finnegan occupied 12 statute acres and 29 perches of land as well as three houses (two vacant and one occupied by a Mary McArdle). This land was at the eastern end of the townland near the seashore. It was stated that it was excellent land, the best in Templetown, and the best of tillage. He would also have a claim to some of the sea weed along the seashore which was used as manure and any excess could be sold. This seemingly differed from the occupiers further north in the townland, such as Simon Finnegan, who could only obtain the sea weed with the consent of the landlord's agent. The land was held at will, at a rent of £1-9s-0d per acre per annum from the Representatives of Ross Moore.  
          This Thomas Finnegan, or his son Thomas,
was stated to be living in the adjoining townland of Whitestown.

          Thomas born about 1827, likely son of Thomas, by the time of his death in 1887 occupied more land as well as a public house (known today as Lily Finnegan's Pub) in Whitestown Village. He also occupied some land to the north-west, in Willville Upper and Lower in the adjoining Willville Townland.
          In the early 1850s it was said that the land in Whitestown was continually being improved by the occupiers and without much cost. This was due to the rents being low and limestone and sea weed obtainable from the shore where the occupiers had also two or three good lime kilns built. As a
result they were said to be 'considerably well off'. However it was also stated that if their leases expired the rent would be raised from £1-6-0 to about £2-0-0 per acre per annum.

         Thomas Finnegan, born about 1827, was married to a Margaret Kearney and had at least eight children. When he died he left a will but besides some confusing wording some of his children were under age at the time of his death and so an Administration was taken out by his widow Margaret. However she died, within a few years, and before its completion and so a further Administration was granted to their eldest daughter.

          From Thomas Finnegan's will his 8 acres and 3 houses and garden in Templetown Townland was to go to his son John as well as £300 and two horses?; his son William, when he became of age, was to inherit the farm in Upper Willville, Halpenny's house and the house in Whitestown known as the 'potatoe house'', £150 and two horses; his son James was to inherit 7 acres in Lower Willville and the 6 acres of land and house where family resided with pub in Whitestown Village. Provision was made for his widow and it was intended the family would continue to reside in Whitestown and James would manage the business until his youngest son, likely John, came of age.
          However, when Thomas died and also his wife Margaret a few years later, the son James was under age to obtain the licence for the pub. The older sister Kate had to agree to provide a manager until James came of age. James died in 1901 and his brother William took over managing the pub. The sister Kate was married to a Bernard Sloan, a widower and a butcher in Newry, County Down, and they had about seven children. By the 1911 census, and after her husband's death, she and two of her children went to live and work with her brother William in the pub. William died, in 1928, and was buried in Kilwirra cemetery in nearby Templetown Townland.

          The above Thomas Finegan was stated to be born about 1827 and if the old headstone in the above graveyard was erected by him then his parents, based on details stated to be on headstone, were Thomas and Catherine and brothers included James and Patrick who were also mentioned on the headstone. His mother could be a Catherine Murphy.

From the Cooley Baptism Parish Registers the children baptised with parents Tom [Thomas] Finigan and Cate [Catherine] Murphy included:-

Anne? Finigan, baptised March 1813?, Whitestown;

Cate [F]inegan?, baptised 23 December 1814, Whitestown;
James? Finigan,
baptised 18? December 1815, Whitestown;
Mary Finigan
, baptised 6 May 1818, Whitestown;

Catherine Finigan, baptised 3 January 1821, Whitestown;

Patt Finigan, baptised 3 January 1821, (twin of above);
Ann Finegan,
baptised 23 July 1824, Whitestown and
Tho? Finegan
, baptised 30 December 1829?,

           In an 1841 census for tenants in Whitestown, found among the private papers of a landlord, this would appear to be the above family:-

Thomas age 60 (so born about 1781);

Cath (age 54);

James (age 22);

Mary (age 21);

Pat (age 20);

Cath (age 18)

Thos (age 14).

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