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US  President  and  former  Vice  President,
 Joe  Biden,
and  his  Irish  Finnegan  Ancestors.

On 20 January 2021 a new President and Vice President were inaugurated in the United States of America.
       This search to verify the then Vice President Joe Bidens's County Louth ancestors is now divided into sections for more easy reading.
       Initially the research was to establish if his ancestors were from County Louth, Ireland. But during the course of that research it was found that a number of people from County Louth, and in particular the Cooley area, emigrated to around the Seneca County area of New York, USA.

Note that a standard form of the surnames are used where possible except in the original sources.

                        Dividing line on MC Research website

01 - initial research to establish link to County Louth.

02 - USA sources - headstone, census, missing friends

03 - Irish sources - Owen Finegan's family

04 - Irish sources - Finnegan Families in Templetown Townland, from Roman Catholic Parish Registers.

05 - Irish sources - Finnegan Families in Castlecarragh Townland, County Louth

06 - Irish sources - Finnegan Families in Templetown Townland, County Louth (non parish registers).

07 - Irish sources - Cooley Roman Catholic Parish Register & Gaelic or the Irish language.

08 - USA sources - Civil War Records.

09 - USA sources - Child's Business Directory.

10 - Irish sources - Migration.

11 - Irish sources - Priests in Cooley Roman Catholic Parish, 1811-1855.

12 - Irish sources - Spinning and weaving in north County Louth.

13 - USA sources - more County Louth emigrants that settled in Seneca County, NY.



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