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Joe  Biden  (former USA  Vice  President)
and  his  Irish Finnegan  Ancestors

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Cooley Parish Registers - Gaelic.

As stated, above, some details in the Gaelic language appeared on the Cooley Parish registers.
          The original registers, that have been scanned and available on the National Library of Ireland [NLI] website (, are in some parts difficult if not impossible to read.
         For the period 1841 to 1844 the original entries of baptisms, marriages and burials were all mixed together at the back of the first register beginning in 1811. The number of entries also seem small compared to previous years. In 1909 they were copied, according to the note below in the Irish language, to the part of the register where they should have been originally written. At present (August 2016) these old entries are not among the scanned images on the NLI website. However they are on the scanned images of the parish register on

    Gaelic - in Cooley Parish Register

The baptisms were transcribed in eight pages as another note stated:-

   1841 to 1844 - Old entries in Cooley Parish Register

However, the names etc. as transcribed were incorrectly spelt and the contributions paid were not listed. See the following. The first are two of the original baptism entries mixed in with marriage and burial entries and the next is the transcription of the same entries inserted in the Baptism Register after 11 December 1841.

    1841 to 1844-Old mixed up entries in Cooley Parish Register

    1841 to 1844-Old mixed up entries in Cooley Parish Register

So if a baptism entry is located, in the index, in the 1841 to 1843 period it would be best to look at the original old entries above.
          The Baptism Register for the rest of 1844 to 1846 is mixed up in places and it appears as though there could be missing entries.



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